Saturday, May 10, 2014

Biscuits, Cookies & Baskets, Oh My!

This week was cah-ray-zeeeee! On top of Mother's Day Basket preparation, we had an exuberant amount of Bodacious Biscuit Love to distribute via shipping and delivery. There were emails coming in left and right and by Friday of last week, it was determined that it would be another "bake 'round the clock" breaks. We're not complaining. The more biscuits we bake...the more Biscuit Love to be spread.

This was the scene every day this week. Biscuits were continuously being put on the trays to cool, set and, several hours later, packaged for shipment and delivery. We have a 7 foot table in our "second biscuit room" with trays lined up. It's a constant flow of biscuit goodness.

Once all the biscuits were baked for the Bodacious Mother's Day Baskets and cooling on the trays, we wiped everything down, washed all of our equipment and started whipping up batches of "hooman" cookies. We'll admit, it was a little...weird. A year ago, we baked "hooman" cookies several times a week for friends, family, gatherings, holidays, etc. Now...not so much. Not even close. It was a little difficult to get back into the "hooman" cookie rhythm. These scrumptious gems don't have to be rolled and cut and the baking time is a lot less.

The pile of "hooman" cookies grew. And grew. We baked over 12 dozen. Surprisingly, everyone who reserved a Mother's Day basket ordered either the chocolate chip cookies with spring chips or cranberry white chip. No. Double. Chocolate. Gasp!

After the "hooman" cookies were all baked, THIS happened. About 100 biscuits were swizzled and decorated with pastel heart sprinkles. Although it seems like a lot, it doesn't come close to the 500+ plus biscuits we swizzled and decorated for our Bodacious Easter Baskets.

Finally, around 2 in the morning, the Bodacious Mother's Day baskets were complete. After a few hours of sleep, we took off to make deliveries. It turned out to be a wonderful day from start to finish. Time. Well. Spent. We're looking forward to doing this again next year...

Oh! For all of you who've asked, yes...we'll be offering Bodacious Father's Day Baskets.

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