Friday, May 16, 2014

A Phenomenal Week Indeed

Despite the exhausting hustle and bustle, this week has been nothing short of phenomenal for so many reasons. During several points throughout the week, we stopped for a moment, took in a deep breath, exhaled and thought, "This is all coming together."

Earlier in the week our vinyl banner and poster (for event tables) was delivered. We were slightly skeptical when ordering the vinyl banner. This wasn't something that was thrown together in five minutes. A lot of thought went into it. Then, the big add photos or not. We decided to go for it. We wanted people to see what we were doing. Of course, choosing only 4 photos out of hundreds was difficult, but each photo included is symbolic. Vistaprint exceeded all expectations and the photos printed out beautifully.

On Sunday, May 18th, we're going to have a table at the All Friends Animal Hospital's 5th annual pet fair. This is our first public event to raise money for Bodacious Biscuit Love. The baking started on Monday and it's been steady 'round the clock. Our 7 foot table in the "biscuit room" was full and stacked high. In the weeks to follow, we're going to be adding to our list of shelters to receive biscuit love and we have quite a few events coming up to help raise money for these shelters. Every penny helps to cover the cost of ingredients, supplies and shipping costs so we can spread more biscuit love to the sweet shelter babies and foster & rescue pups.

This week, we also donated 3 raffle baskets to help All Friends Animal Hospital raise money to cover the cost of care for abused and abandoned animals. We had a blast putting these baskets together. Instead of using baskets, we decided to get a little creative and use dog bowls. Mixed in with the bags o' biscuits are useful items for those who have pups. The bowls were loaded up, wrapped, tied with paw print ribbon and delivered on Thursday.

Our goal for the pet fair was 100 bags. On the overnight Wednesday into Thursday the biscuits were bagged up. We exceeded our goal and bagged over 1300 biscuits. And...we're STILL baking however, once the oven is shut off on the overnight Friday into Saturday, that's it. The remainder of the biscuits will be bagged, the individual signs for the baskets will be put together and we'll get everything packed up for Sunday. We are super excited to be a part of the pet fair and look forward to mingling with the public, getting the word out there, meeting some awesome people and spoiling the pups with treats.

Today we did take a few minutes to get some light housework done. There's a process to vacuuming the floor. First, we go through each room and pick up our lil' Coco bug's toys, biscuits and bones. Vacuum. Then...we return the toys and treats exactly where we found 'em. Prior to vacuuming today, we found THIS in the living room. At some point in the morning Coco had surrounded a couple of Bodacious Biscuits with his collection of Skinneeez dog toys. It was a work of art. Needless to say, we didn't tamper with his masterpiece and vacuumed around it.

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