Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little Faith In Humanity Restored

Last month we published a post about a Sweet Baby Named Amos. This pup captured our attention and tugged at the heartstrings. During his stay at the Preston Pound, we delivered biscuits several times and visited with Amos. Long story short, he had been neglected and abandoned for quite some time. He was found emaciated, dehydrated, and about 90% of his fur was gone. His skin was leathery, cracked and, in some spots, bleeding.

After being rescued he received medical care and lots of love. Amos won the hearts of many and earned the nickname "Famous Amos." Within a couple of weeks, a woman with a heart of gold adopted Amos. Through the grapevine we kept updated with his progress and learned that Amos was in need of more biscuits.

Last week, Sue reached out to us and we made arrangements to make a delivery. Finally a date was set to meet this remarkable woman and to see Amos for the first time since he left the Preston Pound. Hands down, we were both excited and immediately started baking up an assortment of biscuits including his favorite...swizzled with sprinkles.

We were bursting at the seams on the drive down and couldn't wait to see his progress. Both of us reflected back on our first visit with Amos...the day after he was rescued. We had seen the photos posted, but nothing prepared us for meeting this sweet baby face to face. More than once, we held back tears. There isn't a cell in our bodies that could fathom how anyone could neglect a pup to that extent and then simply abandon it. It sickened us to even think about it.

After meeting Sue and a brief conversation, we were invited inside. Amos was gated in the living room and he barked as we entered the kitchen. All it took was seeing a bag of biscuits and hearing the crinkling of the bag to quiet him down. He sat there giving us that look. He remembered us. We fed him a couple of biscuits and shortly after, the gate was opened. Amos rubbed up against our legs and pressed his head into our legs...his way of showing affection.

Once again, we both got a little choked up, but this time it was for an entirely different reason. Day in and day out we hear about and see photos of pups that are rescued from nightmares. We witness the "before" recovery. Regardless of how many times we see this, it doesn't get easier. There is no possible way to desensitize yourself from the emotions that follow.

This time around, we are fortunate enough to see and be a part of the "during" and "after" recovery. To remember the condition he was in the day after he was found and to see him now...how can you possibly put that into words?

What I can say is we needed this visit to restore a little balance. The images we see and the pups we come in contact with who have been severely neglected and tormented...it depletes our confidence in humanity. However, when we're able to maintain connections, like the one with Amos, it helps to restore some of that faith in the "hooman" race. When we think about all the wonderful people involved with his recovery and everyone who reached out to assist...that's greatness right there. It's important to bear witness to that as well. Balance.

After an hour, we bid our farewells. We were invited to visit at anytime. And we will...not only to replenish Amos's supply of biscuits, but to be in the company of such goodness. Sue is phenomenal and seeing Amos with her...it's the perfect match.

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