Friday, April 4, 2014

The Traveling Biscuits

Hands down, this has been a record breaking week for us. This is what our counters looked like early Wednesday morning. Taking up the entire right hand side were individual bags o' biscuits and on the left, we had our brown handled "spreading the biscuit love" bags stuffed with these bags. It was an exhausting project but SO worth it.

To back up a bit, towards the end of last week, we received a message from a contact of ours that spends a copious amount of time with rescue efforts. She wanted to let us know of an upcoming 300 mile round trip journey that her and 2 other women were going to complete on April 3rd. Their mission was to visit various shelters within that circle. She volunteered to assist with spreading the biscuit love. Of course we said, "Yes!"

Wednesday evening we delivered the bags and had the pleasure of meeting her sweet babies and foster pups. We brought over extra biscuit love and the babies enjoyed their crunch fest. This is one of our favorite parts about doing what we do...getting to see the babies gobble up their biscuits. It rocks our biscuit world.

On Thursday, their excursion began early in the morning. Throughout the day, they updated us on their whereabouts and let us know photos had been taken of the sweet shelter babies enjoying their biscuits. The trip was a success and now we're just waiting to see a few photos. We are super excited about that.

Stay tuned...we'll be posting the photos on our Bodacious Biscuits Facebook page.

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