Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We Have A New Stove. This Is A Big Deal For Us.

Something really incredible happened today. We got a brand new stove. And, because I don't like to sound like a broken record, you can read about our brand new stove, and all of the excitement, right here. We are bursting at the seams. On the Bodacious Biscuit Love end of things, this is a big deal and it's going to make our biscuit bakin' life a whole lot easier.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's Frustrating That I Have To Write About This

We've been spreading the biscuit love far and wide for over 3 years now. The list of great stuff that's happened, the experiences, and the opportunities presented to us is too long to mention. We've met hundreds of incredible "hoomans" and pups. Our Bodacious Community continues to grow. We've expanded a bit and now offer handcrafted goods. So. Much. Good. Stuff.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

We're Adding Another Page To This Blog Site

I absolutely hate sounding like a broken record, but I know, at times, because I'm the author of this blog and the Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life blog, there's a smidgen of repetition. That's entirely due to wanting to share the great stuff we do on both both blogs so no one misses out. DIY Dog Mom Projects. Our homemade dog treat recipes. Cool ideas. Inspiration. And, coming up, something new.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thank You To Barnaby And His Beautiful Mama, Claudia

Since the launch of Bodacious Biscuit Love, we've had biscuit love displays at several locations. These locations have been all over the Connecticut map from as far away as Oakville to as close as 5 minutes down the road. Due to changes we've made over the years, especially in the past year, we've pulled our displays from several locations due to distance. Currently, our only location is as the VCA Plainfield Animal Hospital.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Here's The Recipe For Our Bodacious Turkey Veggie Meatball Dog Treats

This year, we are determined to create a new, homemade dog treat recipe every week. So far. So good. At some point, last month, I realized, that's a lot of homemade dog treat recipes. By the end of the year, we should have over 50 recipes posted. At that point, I knew I needed to step out of the box. Or, better yet, kick that box to the curb. In other words, I had to broaden my horizons and create dog treat recipes that veered far away from what we've always done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

From Our Home To Yours, Happy Valentine's Day

I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen today, but it wasn't spent baking dozens upon dozens of homemade dog treats. Instead, we honored a tradition that we started 4 years ago. I blocked off most of the afternoon to make decadent Valentine's Day treats for the "hoomans" and the pups. Although Lisa and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the traditional sense, we like to take this day to extend a lil' extra love and gratitude.

Monday, February 13, 2017

There's Room For Improvising. Wiggle Room.

We love it when people try their hand at making our homemade Bodacious Dog Treat Recipes. I know I've mentioned this many times before. And, I'll probably say it again, and again, and again. The excitement of seeing these photos will never fade.